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Join The Supercharge Your Website Membership and get the ongoing support you need to ensure that your website is seen by more of your ideal customers online with online mini-courses, masterclasses, live training and a supportive community.


Does this sound familiar when thinking about your own website...?

  • You've never built a website before and you don't know where to start, so you've decided to not start at all!
  • Or you DO have an existing website but you're worried that it's not being seen by your ideal customers.
  • You're worried that your existing website doesn't look or act as professional as others in your industry and you shy away from sharing the link with your customers.
  • You identify as a bit of a technophobe and you often fantasize about throwing your laptop out of the window when trying to figure out anything to do with online marketing. 
  • You know you need to move out of your comfort zone and try to get your site and business seen more online but need support.
  • Getting your site "out there" seems like an impossible task with things like SEO, email marketing, ads and analytics sounding like foreign words. 
  • You want to scale up the online marketing for your current website but don't know where to start.
  • You WANT to learn how to do this yourself because you're tired of outsourcing and want to be a mistress of your online marketing destiny! 

Spending time trying to figure your website out yourself is wasting your business money!

🤦🏻‍♀️ Think of all those hours you spend sifting through YouTube tutorials rather than working on your business

💸 Or the money you are paying a developer for changes that you could easily do yourself

🤷🏻‍♀️ Sometimes you just need to ask "stupid" questions and get jargon-free support without judgment

There is no shortcut to driving more traffic to your need to get the basics right first.

No more "new shiny things!"

🙅🏽‍♀️ ...and when it comes to using online marketing to drive traffic to your website, you need to stop procrastinating and start doing, using the data and results you see to guide you.

Convert that traffic into sales, not post another meme on Instagram or write a blog post that no one will see...

Imagine this...

You know who you want to sell to and where they live online.

Your website clearly states who you help and how you help.

It contains content written for your ideal customer...not for you.

Your users know where to buy your stuff on your website.

It's Google-friendly, because you have made it user-friendly and easy to load and navigate.

Your website is being found on Google for search terms related to your industry.

You collect your user's emails while they're on your site by offering them something of value...

...and when you email your users...they buy from you!

You track and measure your website user traffic data using Google Analytics and you understand the data.

What if you could get the support of an industry professional while you get the basics right?

...and by "industry professional" I mean me, Vicki Jakes!!

I help advise businesses like yours to find your ideal customers online by getting your website marketing-ready.

You know, in a place where you're not ashamed to send traffic to it or "forget" to share your URL when you're asked for it!

I have over 13 years working for agencies delivering big-build websites to global campaigns and 20 years building websites and have delivered hundreds of projects over the years, so you're in good hands!


The Supercharge Your Website Membership

The only ongoing support you need to ensure that your website is seen by more of your ideal customers online with a supportive monthly membership.

  • Gain the confidence to manage your own website.

    Having someone who's got your back while you make updates that you think will improve the buying experience on your website means that you'll have the confidence to try new things without thinking you might break something!
    I'll be here for you!
  • Learn how to optimise your website so Google (and your customers) can find it better.

    You'll understand the basics of what it takes to get your website picked up by Google and how to develop an ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy to ensure your site
    gets seen by those ideal customers searching for you.  
  • Learn how to set-up an email marketing tool and collect emails via your website.

    I'll show you how to start collecting emails on your website using sign-up forms and pop-ups, then how to set-up automations to keep those subscribers engaged.

    This is the techie stuff you thought you couldn't do, but with my guidance
    you can!
  • Learn how to track your success with Google Analytics.

    I'm obsessed with getting you to understand how to read your website traffic data so that you can make sense of what's working and do more of that in your online marketing efforts.  

    Why waste time trying things to drive traffic to your website that aren't working?
  • Understand the basics of how to sell from your website.

    Copy, images, design...If you've always wanted to know how to improve the user-experience of your website to convert more s
    ales, sign-ups or leads, then I will show you how using my ecommerce industry experience and know-how.

    I'll even show you how easy it is to start running ads to your website.
  • Stop procrastinating and start making money.

    It's all about the money, money, money!

    In my weekly group coaching calls, I will check in with you to see how business is and help guide you to focus on the online marketing activities that work!  

"Since becoming a member I have quit my day job and running my business full time, confident in how my website works and even running ads!"

Emma Hannay,

"Adding pop-ups, emailing, abandoned carts...I never thought I would get any of this running without paying someone to do it for me."

Joanne Maclachlan,

"Through the support of the membership I've managed to increase my website sales enough to quit my day job and my website is now my full time role!"

Sarah Latham,

What you'll get access to in The Supercharge Your Website Membership...

  • 8 jam-packed online modules aimed at helping you improve your website and drive more traffic to it with video lessons to watch and complete in your own time.

    1 x monthly group coaching call via Zoom to teach and discuss the topic of the month.

    Tech Clinic calls to help you get unstuck with any online tools, connections, web stuff or more.

    A private members-only Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get support.

    Monthly planning sessions to help you get focused on what you need to work on for your website and stay on track.

    WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace...all sites welcome!


Ideal Customer Research

Use the lessons in this module to help you research and understand where your ideal customer lives online so that you can be more focused on how you target them with your content.


Search Engine Optimisation

Getting your website seen by search engines like Google is one of the most important things you can do for your website, but it’s a long game.

Get started early with the lessons in this module to reap the benefits.


Email Automation

By using your website to collect the emails of users who visit your website, but decide not to buy, means that you can continue to retarget them after they leave. Get started with the very basics all the way through to more advanced practices of email marketing here.


Website Optimisation

In this module you’ll understand how to improve the design, layout, speed and content of your website using industry best-practices in order to make it more attractive for your ideal customer to want to buy from you.


Understanding Google Analytics

You have website traffic, but you have no idea where it came from or how users are behaving. This module will teach you key basic reports you can start with to understand your website data better.


Facebook Ads Retargeting

Learn the basics for how to drive Facebook and Instagram traffic to your website using paid advertising, plus the secrets behind retargeting users who have already visited your website.



You have the site, the automations set-up and something to sell…now what?

Setting up the sales process for how users buy from you and at what stage in the buying journey you target (in others words, creating a “funnel” is a key part of selling online).

Get help and guidance with the lessons in this module.



In this module you’ll learn all about how to set up an ecommerce website using Shopify or WooCommerce and how to optimise it for sales no matter if you are a product or service-based business.

"I'm not scared of my website anymore!"

"It's the community support that I stay for..."
(hear these small business owners talk about what it's like to be a member below...)
PS they have WordPress, Shopify and Wix sites...all platforms welcome!

...but what if you don't have a website yet?

Sign up to the Membership and get access get access to my signature 6-part course...

The Website Builder


I'll show you exactly how to get a professional, well-designed WordPress site set-up using pre-built templates and layouts using the Divi Theme and you
won't need any coding or creative experience to do it!  




The confidence in mastering this technology will make you feel like you can build 1000 websites!  

⭐This includes FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to the Divi theme and license!


Rachael was able to get a WordPress website built for her coaching business in just 3 weeks after being a self-proclaimed web build novice.  

She enjoyed the process so much that she started working on another website as soon as the course was finished!  

My Website Builder course "literally" changes lives!

Vicki's Wordpress Bootcamp has been brilliant. I already had a very basic Wordpress site, but Vicki has helped me to upgrade it to something I am rather proud of. Her teaching is excellent and takes you through the process step-by-step.

She also gives brilliant support through the weekly coaching calls and the Facebook group, so that you can get all your questions answered. 

I wish I had found her earlier, and would recommend anyone wanting to build or manage their own site to sign up immediately. 

I recently received a message from someone asking me who designed my site - I was so chuffed to be able to say it was me - thanks Vicki!

Dr Paula Redmond, CPsychol


DISCLAIMER: Results not typical. Your results could be more, less or the same.

All members also get access to the following bonuses...


Access to my Guest Expert, Coaching Calls and Masterclasses Vault (worth £397)

Over 100+ hours of expert sessions and live masterclasses:

- Get confident on camera
- Learn how to use Trello...and Canva!
- Learn how to get started with email marketing
- How to create an online marketing plan a tonne of other live training all aimed at helping busy website owners like you!


Access to 2 x Mini Courses: ECommerce and Campaign Creation
(worth £997)

- How to retarget your website visitors (with FB Ads) so you don't lose them forever

How to create an online campaign to sell your red hot offer

How to create an online WordPress shop using WooCommerce

How to create a WordPress Membership website using MemberPress.



Lifetime access to the Divi Wordpress Theme
(worth $200+)

- Use this theme on your Wordpress websites as you learn how to build and maintain a Wordpress website using resources in the Membership.


Ready to sign up to The Supercharge Your Website Membership?



per month

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Weekly live coaching
  • Access to 8 video modules plus recorded masterclasses
  • Facebook Group support (office hours)
  • New content released every month
  • Everything in the standard membership...
  • Plus access to The Website Builder course and support with building your very own website
  • Includes lifetime access to the Divi theme
  • Cancel anytime



for 3 months

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Weekly live coaching
  • Access to 8 video modules plus recorded masterclasses
  • Facebook Group support (office hours)
  • New content released every month
  • Everything in the standard membership...
  • Plus access to The Website Builder course and support with building your very own website
  • Includes lifetime access to the Divi theme

To save over £250 per year, sign up for an annual plan right here.


I am so confident that you'll love the Membership, I will refund you within 30 days if you're not happy.

Or in other words, if you don't receive any benefits from our work together, I WILL REFUND YOU.  

What does this mean?  

You have 30 days to do EVERY single assignment in The Supercharge Your Website Membership or The Website Builder.  

You must show proof you did the assignments & get feedback from me on every assignment AND implement my feedback.  

 I REPEAT: The risk is 100% on me with this guarantee.  

 I know what I’ve created works, because of the amazing feedback I get from existing members!  

Frequently asked questions...

  • When do I get access?
    You'll get access to The Supercharge Your Website Membership Facebook Group and the Membership website content within 24 hours of purchase.
  • When are the Group Coaching calls?
    Group coaching sessions will be on the first Tuesday and last Tuesday of every month.

    Every call is available for replay in the membership platform within 24 hours.

    The weekly drop-in calls are 10am and 3pm GMT every Wednesday.
  • What is your refund policy? If you don't receive any benefits from our work together, I’ll REFUND YOU.

    You have 30 days to do EVERY single assignment in The Supercharge Your Website Membership or The Website Builder. You must show proof you did the assignments and get feedback from me on every assignment AND implement my feedback.
  • Will this work for me? If you are looking to short-cut your way to knowing how to take ownership of ensuring that your website is seen by more of your ideal customers online, then this is for you!
  • How many hours a week will this take? This depends on you and how much time you want or have to put into this. You should aim to put aside at least an hour per lesson to watch and do the assignments plus 1-2 hours per week to join/watch the coaching sessions.
  • How will I be billed?
    If you take a monthly subscription, then you will be billed on the same date each month 30 days after the first payment. If you pay for the annual option then you will be billed on the same date annually.
  • Are there extra costs involved in being part of The Website Builder?
    You will need your own domain and hosting to be able to build your own WordPress site. You may also need (but it's not mandatory) to license plugins that I recommend. I will make recommendations for vendors and try to find discounts to pass on where I can.
  • Am I ready for this? If you're tired of spending all of your time figuring out how to do this stuff yourself and just want to get your website making you some money, then YES - you are ready!!  

Let's get started 😘

Thank you for making it this far down the page.  

If you have ANY questions about what you've seen that you can't see an answer for then ping an email to 💖

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